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The Commercial work my father did is divided into two periods, what remains of the advertising work he did in Germany in the 20's and 30's and in this country in the 50's and 60's. The ads you see in the German gallery were for cigarettes. At first the cigarette was called Gold Dollars, the slogan read "Right for the Real Man". One day the Nazis called him and the art director in for guestioning! " Why are your cigarettes named for an American coin, and what is this slogan, Right for the Real Man?" "The Real Man is a real man because he is an Aryan, NOT because he smokes your cigarettes, change this! You're dismissed." So, my father and the art director went off and the next ads were for Privats, and the Slogan read, "So Appetizingly Fresh". These were strange times.

In the United States he worked for the Martin Miller Co. which specialized in direct mail promotions. The work you will see in the American Gallery was predominately done for these letter campaigns. One, the Medical Books, had the name of every doctor in the country typed into the title of the modern book by hand. That letter had one of the highest responses of any direct mail promotion to a professional group. It got 30% response, atleast that is what I was told. As this site expands the letter samples will be posted as well.

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