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My father never struck me as a very religious man yet a significant portion of his work, in fact his major body of work was occupied with religious themes. In some way, it seems to me, he saw the power, the drama and the human tragedy as well as the transcendencey of the passion of Christ. His spirituality was involved, not as a practitioner of any one religion, as much as it was engaged in the struggle of the human soul with its own recognition of the divine. Perhaps that is after all the lesson of Christ's life that each of us must struggle with, as he did, to follow the path that leads us to some higher realization, that drives us to create, to exault and enoble the lifeforce that binds us all, no matter what we choose to call it.

These works are filled with a sense of awe and reverance as well as tenderness, passion and grief. The great curcifixtion that he painted was lost during the war. It was 17' feet high painted in over life size to created the impression of actually being on the scene that terrible day on Golgatha. All that remains of that composition are some of the preliminary studies shown here, as well as some other scenes taken the New Testament.

In the Ilustration Gallery are the book covers he did for Fulton Oursler's best selling books, but these were tame in comparison to the passion and daring of his earlier work.